UnEARTHing your WILD Nature @ Misiwe Ni Relations Healing Lodge, Ottawa [from 11 January to 13 July]

UnEARTHing your WILD Nature

- 13
18:00 - 14:30

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Misiwe Ni Relations Healing Lodge
1249 Dozois Rd, Ottawa, Ontario K4M 1B2
UnEARTHing Your WILD Nature.

A journey of self discovery and healing
~ to uncover, cultivate and enrich the wild, intuitive, wisdom of your YOUnique Self.
It is connecting to the deepest and most authentic part of yourself that longs for freedom, creativity and individuality, separate from roles, relationships, expectations and obligations; yet intertwines us to the collective energy of women as a whole, and to our universal Mother, Earth.

It is an opportunity to delve deeper within, to utilize a variety of tools and teachings that support & embrace our Wildish Nature.

Each 4 hour Gathering will include:
✨ A specialized yoga class specific to the theme and element of the session- connecting us to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies through body awareness; finding our natural rhythm through breath, and offering us an opportunity to release what is no longer serving us,and opening us up to create space for self love, peace, and creativity.
✨ A guided healing journey/ meditation- to heal something, to Learn its teaching and to incorporate those teachings into a healed outcome for our life.
✨ Self reflection practice- taking an honest inventory of who we are, what we want and what we need to do to get there.
✨ A fun/ creative/ complementary activity that encourages and embraces the Wild Within!

As Wild Women, we are here to connect, empower and support one another.
We understand and value that the unity of women is wildly powerful when we gather together, in Circle, to share stories, challenges and triumphs!
With that in mind, we are also offering “Sacred Space”, (a closed group FB Group) that is available for all of the Women unearthing their Wild Nature.
A place where we encourage you to share your journey of unearthing, where you are at (physical, mental, emotion, spiritual, energetic), and how you are BEing.
This “Sacred Space” will also include recordings of the Yoga and Journey components of each Gathering for those who are unable to attend. The Journey will be available for the week following the Gathering. The Yoga class will be available until the next Gathering.

To further empower you on this Wild journey of self discovery and healing, we will also provide:

* a LIVE chat( scheduled 2 weeks after every Gathering) for 60 minutes.
This is a safe space to connect and share with other women, and where Laura and I will provide coaching, support, guidance and encouragement as you continue on this Journey.

*Monthly: challenges, reflective practices, and goals~inviting you to delve deeper within your wild nature- to seek out and reveal what wildness and natural power lies under the surface, to ignite your intuition, to connect you to your Heartsong; and to discover the wild woman you are meant to be!

Beginning in January, here’s how it will unfold…

Gathering 1: Meeting your Wild Allies
Friday January 11,2019 ~6-10pm

We begin in Circle opening Sacred Space.
Here, we connect to the wisdom and energies of Grandmother Moon to ponder and create the manifestation of the Life we are meant to live.
We discover our personal Elemental Goddess and learn how to utilize the energies and gifts of these archetypes in our everyday life. We will also journey to meet our individual Animal Totem, whose Medicine will support us on the remainder of the journey and beyond; giving us strength, gifts, lessons, and resources to support us in healing and making the necessary changes in our life.

Gathering 2: Earth 🌏 Walk Your Talk
Saturday, February 9th ~ 10-2pm

We ROOT down, create the groundwork for our unEARTHing and the healing of our Wild Nature. Here we begin the creation of our own personal and ever- evolving manifesto /mantra to empower and remind us of the divine being we are.

Gathering 3: Ride the Wave 🌊
Saturday, March 23~10-2pm

To ebb and flow within the Sacred WATERs (of emotions); becoming aware of the internal reflection we have of ourselves; and transforming who we thought we were into a healthier version of who we want to be. *Warning: identity of emotions that prevent us from reaching our goals and making our dreams a reality will be revealed. Let’s do this!
Then, there’s a party going on right here...Dance party! Glow sticks included.

Gathering 4: Wild🔥& Free
Saturday, April 13~10-2pm

Spark your inner FIRE!
We retrieve and reclaim our personal power- that which we gave away~ igniting to empower the Inner Wild Warrior & SUN Goddess, and embracing the strength and courage required to be vulnerable-to move forward authentically and whole-heartedly.
Bonfire, s’mores and Ceremony.

Gathering 5: Calm Breath, Open Heart
Saturday, May 4~10-2pm

Here we continue to shake, shake, shake our change makers...breathing PRANA- life force energy- into the Wildness of our HEARTs and listening to the divine songs of our Spirit! It is here we are also gifted with the healings of plant medicines. We begin to forgive to heal- our self, those around us,to all life- and we connect to the Wild HeARTist within.

Gathering 6: Stay Wild, Moon Child🌙
Saturday, June 22~10-2pm

Adorning the sparkle and beauty of our own (energetic )crown!
We begin to understand the phases of the MOON and her symbiotic relationship to our own Wildness- body, mind, heart and Spirit. We learn ways to embrace and utilize her energies. This workshop will be offered under the influence of the moons Full-ness, as it is here we are encouraged to release the old patterns, Beliefs, and relationships that no longer serve us- creating space- to invite new goals, visions and the gifts of our dreams.

Gathering 7: Embrace the Wildly Divine
Saturday, July 13~ 10-2pm

Finale. we arrive full circle, like the phases of the moon, coming together once more (during the new moon) reflecting on who we were, being present and finding the gifts of who we currently are, and manifesting who we are working to be-come.
It is here where we celebrate the unfolding of all of our Natural Elements,the Inner Goddess, the Courageous Warrior and the Divine Wild Woman we are!

Your outcomes at the end all of the Gatherings:
* Identified how a part of you views your Self; and changed it into a more healthier version of who you want to be.
* learned and incorporated the teachings of the goddess archetype, the elements of Nature, and Animal Totem Medicine into your daily life.
* found ways to connect and give back to your own Wild Nature and to the Nature of Earth Mother — with “earthing”, Medicine Walk, Plant Medicine, and Ceremony.
* Identified which beliefs, thoughts and emotions are blocking you from reaching your goals and becoming the person you are meant to be
* Discovered and Developed your wild, intuitive Nature through journaling, excercises, dance and art
* Self Empowered through mantra, self healing, yoga, intuitive practice and self reflection.
* Reclaimed your Power and have incorporated those teachings and Medicines into your life.
* Enhanced your strength, power and flexibility in all areas of your life- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically.
* Began to heal through forgiveness of yourself and another.
* Connected to and created a masterpiece with the wild intuitive HeARTist within
* Learned the influence of the moon phases and how to utilize her energies for our own phases(cycles) as women.
* Connected with other Wild Women who are (earth) walking their own path of self-discovery!

--> This workshop is limited to 16 people <--
Self Investment:

EARLY BIRD options paid by December 21st

Option 1: $800 paid upon registration.
Option 2: $450 deposit paid upon registration +remaining $400 due by January 7, 2019
Regular Price: $1000
December 22 to January 12,2019

*All payments are to be made via etransfer to:
[email protected]
For further inquiry, please send a PM to either Laura Atwater or Melanie Berndt
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